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Tax Advisors & VAT Specialists Tax Advisors & VAT Specialists

Tax Advisors & VAT Specialist Partnership

VAT4U gives you the technology to deploy or optimise VAT recovery services. Becoming a VAT Specialist Partner brings many benefits. VAT4U supercharges your current processes for operational performance in the speed of light! A solution that allows you to manage all of your clients’ expenses, VAT claims and refunds all in one place. A unique solution to efficiently recover VAT for your clients!

VAT4U Franchise Partners VAT4U Franchise Partners

VAT4U Franchisee

Our VAT4U Franchising model enables you to grow your business: a sales machine with the infrastructure to support it. We divert customers in your locale to you for managing, while providing collaborative marketing solutions and tech support. Being part of the VAT4U network comes with many benefits; the most innovative VAT refund solution, global knowledge sharing, infrastructure sharing, as well as building synergies with your other service lines.

5 good reasons to join the VAT4U world

  • Sales and Marketing boost

    By bringing innovation and technology to your service, we provide you with the ability to sell more, onboard more clients and manage them better through the use of the VAT4U Platform.

  • Supercharge your operations 

    Accelerate revenues. Improve your company’s operational speed and overall performance. VAT4U validates the information of each invoice and calculates the VAT amount to be recovered based on more than 2.000 VAT rules.

  • Be part of a global network

    As a VAT Specialist Partner, you can enjoy numerous VAT4U Network benefits, ranging from knowledge sharing to extra support using the platform.

  • Ready to use infrastructure

    VAT Specialist Partners can enjoy full access to the VAT4U platform and its implied infrastructure. Our aim is to help you deploy a fast growing infrastructure covering your needs and those of your clients.

  • Secure and GDPR Compliant

    We are fully compliant with the EU GDPR regulation. Not just towards you, but also your clients. If you use VAT4U as a Partner or VAT Specialist, your data is stored on a secured server located in Germany.

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