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Tax Technology for VAT Experts


VAT4U fully automates all processes around VAT recovery for domestic and foreign claims - from refundable VAT determination to invoice compliance checks and automatically generated claims.

Manage VAT recovery for your own clients with our intuitive cloud solution to accelerate your efficiency and output.


Stop struggling with country-specific forms and rules.
With VAT4U, everything is automated! 



Discover the Benefits of VAT4U

Automate domestic and foreign VAT reclaims with our innovative tax technology.

Faster Data Upload

Manual data transfers belong to the past. With VAT4U,  you can import different data formats, sort them and efficiently prepare them for further processing.


Optimized Connectivity

VAT4U connects to many ERP or T&E systems to receive accounting data and invoices through API. Drilling paper documents belongs to the past.


Boosted Processing

VAT4U reduces processing time by 68%. OCR checks and our batch processing program enable fast & efficient transaction processing. Save time and resources.

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Automated Calculations

No need to have all the tax regulations in mind! With over 2.000 tax rules embedded, VAT4U easily identifies recoverable VAT amounts for any type of transaction.


Compliance Assessment

VAT4U automatically assesses whether an invoice is compliant with country-specific rules, saving you time, resources, and manual effort.


Smart Claim Submissions

VAT claims are automatically generated by our system. VAT4U uses Robotic Process Automation to electronically submit VAT claims to tax portals.


Explore the main functionalities of VAT4U in 3 minutes

VAT4U System Features
for Accelerated Performance

  • Cloud access
  • Monitoring Dashboards
  • Automated EU VAT ID validation
  • OCR for processing
  • Data entry batch processing
  • Supplier database
  • T&E + ERP Integrations
  • Automated compliance checks
  • Direct filing of VAT claims
  • Query handling module

Learn More About VAT

Take a look at our interactive VAT Rules Map with detailed information on the deductibility of various types of expenditures in the European Union.


Go to VAT Rules Map


Manage VAT Recovery with VAT4U

VAT4U provides you with the technology to boost your VAT recovery business. An innovative and unique solution that allows you to manage travel expenses, AP invoices, VAT claims, and queries all in one single place. 


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