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Did you know that VAT can make up to 27% of your bill?

Many factors like country of reclaim, time, expense category, etc. will impact the way VAT can be recovered. Usually, reclaimable VAT can represent 5% to 10% of your expenditure!

Explore the benefits of outsourcing to VAT4U

VAT4U offers a unique service to recover your VAT efficiently, maximize output and save costs.

Maximized Cash

Faster Refunds

We focus on supplier invoices as well as domestic and foreign travel expenses. By thoroughly capturing refundable VAT amounts, we make sure to get the best out of your VAT recovery.

Optimized Processes

Reduced Costs

When using VAT4U, claim process time is reduced by a whopping 68%. By leveraging our technology and VAT expertise, we significantly minimize any effort or time required from your side.

Higher Compliance

Minimized Risk

With thorough invoice compliance checks, we make sure to avoid incorrect claims, thereby, minimizing queries and the risk of penalties from tax administrations.

What makes VAT4U unique?


Data Consolidation

VAT4U can be connected with any travel expense tool, ERP and accounting system, as well as credit card tools. Our VAT4U tax technology works as a big data consolidator where all your travel expenses and supplier invoices are collected and processed for VAT recovery.


High Security

We’ve implemented the highest standards for data protection and compliance. Our GDPR compliant processes make sure your data is managed in a safe way. Our servers are based in Germany and your VAT claims are managed locally by our dedicated VAT expert teams.


Full Transparency

All VAT4U processes are visible to our customers. We grant full access to our tax technology including live dashboards and various reportings. Our clients can access every single claim. Everything is transparent in terms of status, communication, and fee calculation.

We cover all expense segments

VAT on Supplier Invoices

High VAT amounts often come from foreign vendor invoices for tools, typical in the automotive or household appliance industries. VAT4U processes all your AP invoices to ensure full VAT recovery management.

Foreign VAT on Travel Expenses

Your company's employees travel abroad and incur expenses with VAT? The rules on recoverable VAT vary greatly from country to country. VAT4U ensures that you recover the maximum VAT on foreign travel expenses.

Domestic VAT on Travel Expenses

For the countries your company is VAT registered in, VAT4U provides you with analytics and reports to file your domestic VAT returns correctly and efficiently. We deliver Level 3 data including safety compliance & SII reporting.

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