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VAT Technology VAT Technology

Supercharged Technology

We’ve implemented the highest standards to digitise the VAT recovery process. All our customers get access to our unique technology and can benefit from all the embedded features: OCR, integrations to ERP and TEM software, compliance smart checks, reporting and many other features.

Managed Services Managed Services

Managed Services

In addition to the technology, VAT4U provides a global managed service for every step of the process you choose to outsource. Our team of experts can take care of the entire process or you can simply request on-demand support. We are here to make VAT recovery easy and efficient.


9 steps to receive your VAT refund with the VAT4U Platform

  • Register for free

    VAT4U is free to sign up and try. It takes just 2 minutes to get started and you won’t encounter any fees until you send a VAT refund claim!

  • Connect to your T&E and ERP

    VAT4U offers native integrations (connectors to many different systems).

  • Import data & invoice scans with OCR

    Our system is capable of digesting mass data from any source and includes unique features to simplify this step.

  • Automate VAT calculations

    Each transaction is assessed in accordance with more than 2.000 VAT rules. No need to be a VAT expert to know how much VAT can be recovered on each invoice.

  • Run compliance check

    VAT4U uses by artificial intelligence to identify potential compliance issues within your invoices and hence prevents mistakes on each invoice.

  • Submit VAT claims in 1-click

    VAT Claims are automatically generated by our platform. With 1-click, VAT4U can either submit the electronic claims to the relevant tax authorities or generate prefilled claim forms to be downloaded for paper applications. Our backend assesses automatically the local technical requirements.

  • Manage queries 

    We provide a claim management and query handling module to make sure everything is properly managed and under control. VAT4U provides all the information required to answer a query at glance and helps you monitor deadlines.

  • Reconcile with line by line tracking

    With an unequalled level of detail supporting each VAT claim, the reconciliation process becomes easy! VAT4U tracks each single event on a line by line basis.

  • Success! You get your VAT back

    Once the relevant tax administration has approved your VAT reclaim, you will get the refund with the VAT4U service fee deducted. Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

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