VAT4U Application Features

Enjoy tens of features that speed up your processes and maximize your VAT refund potentials.

Plenty of nice features designed for you!

Do not hesitate to chat with us if you want to check if VAT4U provides a specific functionality.

Live VAT Dashboard

Monitor all your VAT refund positions from your live Dashboard. You can visualize your cash back potentials per country, per periods and per company. You can even track how much has been refunded and how much is pending.

Tip for VAT specialists: you can give access to your clients to their own dashboard!”

Live VAT Dashboard
Get county tips and compliant invoices

Get country tips and compliant invoices

Download our free smartphone application (iOS here and Android here) and benefit of many relevant country tips while travelling. Do not stress yourself anymore spelling your company address to the hotel receptionist but just show him your phone: we display your virtual business card that includes your companies’ information that must be written on the invoice. A message is shown in the local language of the country you are travelling. Hotel receptionists, taxi drivers or restaurants will clearly get the good instructions to help you getting a compliant invoice.

Tip for VAT specialists: you can give this app to your customers to maximize chances to get compliant invoices.

Easy data entry

Do not stress anymore by trying to identify the good code, sub code and applicable tax rules. Simply pick the icon of your choice and VAT4U does the rest. We speed up your data entry by providing features like: auto calculations from gross amounts, prefilled vendor data with our database or geo-localization.

Easy Data Entry
Importation of mass data

Importation of mass data

Is your company already using a travel expense management tool? Then no need to enter data again: simply import your expenses on VAT4U. Our algorithm will assess each of your expenses, qualify it, calculate the deductible amounts and inject it (or not) in your VAT claims or VAT reports.

Tip for VAT specialists: we offer the possibility to import data of different countries and even of multiple companies in one go.

Follow-up your claims

Make sure you are correctly tracking your claim status and do not miss deadlines thanks to our claim management module. You can follow-up each of your VAT claims and easily retrieve any information related to each claim: reference, comments, single line item and even the copy of each invoice in 1 click.

Follow-up your claims

Manage unlimited number of companies

You are a VAT specialist or a tax manager of a big corporation? You can manage an unlimited number of companies from your account. You can provide different access rights to your internal (or external) users.

Tip for VAT specialists: once you setup a company, no need to enter again and again the company details on the VAT claim forms. VAT4U directly uses this information and prepares the VAT claims for you.

Upload your own logo

If you are planning to roll out VAT4U in a big organization or to provide access to your customers, you can replace our logo by yours. Just upload your logo and it will be displayed on the dashboard of your company and when each user logs in.

Many other features

VAT4U includes many other useful features: multi-categories selection, auto-generation of each VAT refund claim (electronic or paper forms), creation of VAT reports in case your company is VAT registered in a country, 7/7 live support provided by a team of VAT experts, and many other functionalities.

Tip for VAT specialists: Your team can use 1 unique template to inject the expenses of any country (no need to understand each local requirement). Moreover country reciprocity rules are monitored by VAT4U.