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Our top FAQs relating to VAT, the refund process, and how to get started with VAT4U. They can be found just below.

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FAQ’S about VAT4U, VAT & the refund process as well as getting started.


What is VAT?

Value-added tax (VAT) is used mostly in the European Union, but present in many countries globally. It’s a type of consumption tax that is placed on the added value of a product or a service, such as a hotel stay, a breakfast, or a taxi journey, whenever it is sold. Businesses recover VAT paid on their purchases (Input VAT) and pay VAT on their sales (Output VAT). The final consumer is not allowed to recover its Input VAT.

How is the VAT amount calculated?

The VAT amount is calculated on the net amount of the invoice to which a VAT rate is applied. The sum of the net amount and VAT amount is called the gross amount. This VAT rate varies depending on the legislation of each country and the type of goods and services involved. Check our dynamic VAT map to find out the VAT rates in use in each country of the EU.

Who can recover VAT?

Most registered businesses, subjected to VAT, are entitled to submit claims for VAT refunds on their business-related expenses. Many restrictions apply to certain sectors such as public institutions and financial or provisional services. Restrictions also apply for countries where there are no reciprocity agreements present with other states regarding VAT reclaim.

Where can I recover VAT?

VAT4U can recover VAT in over 30 countries throughout the European Union, EEA countries such as Norway and Switzerland, and further afield in Iceland. Differentiating regulations apply to each country but most operate under the same principles regarding VAT reclaim.

How much VAT can I expect to recover?

As a general rule, as a company, you are allowed to claim your VAT back on all of your expenses. However, some categories of products are excluded or partially excluded from the right of deduction. Each country has specific legislation and rules in place, sometimes making it difficult to know if you are allowed to claim your VAT back or not. Check out the VAT4U VAT Rules Map to get a better overview of such differences.

I am established in an EU country, can I reclaim VAT paid in another country?

Yes. In this case, three scenarios are possible. Scenario 1: You are VAT-registered in this country. In this case, you have to inject the expenses and the related input VAT into your local VAT returns. Scenario 2: This country is a European Member state, but you are not registered there. In this case, as a foreign company, you will have to submit a VAT claim through the European VAT refund procedure. Start preparing and sending this claim here. Scenario 3: It is a third country (non-EU) and you are not registered there. In this case, you have to check the following: (a) Is the tax in general recoverable? Not all sales taxes can be reclaimed (e.g. GST in the USA). (b) If the tax is recoverable, you need to check if the country of refund allows companies from your country to reclaim the VAT. Some countries limit the rights to claim to some selective countries only. (c) If the country has a reciprocity policy in place with your country, you are allowed to claim your VAT back under a specific procedure.

I am based in a Non-EU country, can I reclaim VAT?

Yes. VAT4U is also available for non-EU businesses (e.g. companies based in USA, Canada, India, Japan, and beyond). VAT4U will assess your VAT refund rights on each of your expenses, according to the rules of each country of refund and the reciprocity treaties in place between your country and the country of refund.

How does the claim generation process work?

It’s often as simple as a click of a button with VAT4U. There’s no need to carry out lengthy claim preparations, and we can even connect directly to the administrative portals in some countries, so it’s never been easier! Smart checks ensure that claims are compliant and error potentials are significantly reduced.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

In a country where you are VAT-registered, the refund is immediate since you’ll deduct the VAT from your VAT return. If you’re an EU business and not VAT-registered in the country of refund, it takes up to 4 months, and up to 8 months in case of further query from the tax administration. For non-EU businesses, it takes up to 4 months, and up to 12 months in case of further query from the tax administration, respectively.


Why should I use the VAT4U platform over other VAT refund services?

VAT4U is the only platform with such an extensive network of local support partners, remote contributors, and key connectivity partners that can automate your VAT recovery with little-to-no work on your side. Find out how easy implementing VAT4U is for your company and start earning your VAT back now!

Does VAT4U work for private individuals?

Our online platform is only available for businesses wishing to reclaim their VAT. In fact, VAT refunds for private individuals work very differently. We recommend you contact a dedicated specialist.

Can I import data and skip data entry & processing?

Yes, you can. Our import connectors (with partners, or simply via a mapped XML) allow mass data to be imported from your other reporting systems, seamlessly.

Do I need original invoices?

While you do not need original invoices to use VAT4U as a tool, you do need them for VAT reclaim. Tax administrations can request original documents as supporting evidence at any time. Original documents are required and copies are not accepted.

How about electronic invoices?

Electronic invoices are great as they’re often guaranteed originals that are more compliant. Electronic invoices are easy with VAT4U. You can upload the tax document directly to your relevant expenses in VAT4U.

How much does it cost to use VAT4U?

You can register for free on our platform and start using it in less than 5 minutes. We don’t charge any fee until you confirm you want to submit your VAT refund claim. Our fee applies only to the VAT amount claimed, and your pricing plan depends on the percentage charged. For more information, see PRICING.

Am I obliged to sign a long term contract?

No. Our customers simply need to accept our standard terms and conditions while using our service. There is no obligation to use our service for a long-term period. It is completely flexible and transparent.

What happens if my claim is rejected?

In this case, VAT4U will reimburse the service fee (according to the pricing plan chosen. Please refer to the section “Satisfied or reimbursed policy”).

Is VAT4U only for T&E?

No, VAT4U can be used for supplier invoices, as well as travel and general expenses. Get in touch and see how much VAT we could recoup for you.


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