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VAT4U simplifies your travel expense management process and automates your VAT recovery. VAT4U is Europe’s first automated VAT refund platform.

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VAT automation will strongly improve your performance indicators.

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Use VAT4U to increase your bottom line. Our free travel Expense Management solution makes possible the recovery of VAT on your foreign expenses.


Using VAT4U helps you strengthening T&E policies, VAT compliance and data security. Your data is stored on a secured server located in Germany.

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Save time and stop working on paper or Excel expenses reports: VAT4U digitizes your process.

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Using VAT4U enables you to have constant access to your documents from anywhere at anytime.

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Value-added tax (VAT) is used most often in the European Union. It is a type of consumption tax that is placed on the added value of a product or a service whenever it is sold. Businesses recover VAT paid on their purchases (Input VAT) and pay VAT on their sales (Output VAT). The final consumer is not allowed to recover its Input VAT.

As a general rule, as a company you are allowed to claim your VAT back on all your expenses. However, some categories of products are excluded or partially excluded from this right of deduction. Each country has specific legislation and rules in place, sometimes making it difficult to know if you are allowed to claim your VAT back or not. This is one reason to start using VAT4U as we have mapped all the country specifics to make this work easier for you.

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We offer VAT refund services to many customers across the globe. We wanted to modernize our process and onboard an innovative solution to better serve our clients. We tried VAT4U and do not regret it: we have now a nice and strong marketing and performance advantage compared to our competitors. Our clients and our team loves it!
P. Schumacher VAT Refund expert in the consultancy sector
Thanks to VAT4U, we are now able to manage VAT recovery for our clients who are small companies. Our clients are happy to now get this money back. Using VAT4U also helped us saving significant bookkeeping time.
H. Mercier Tax Advisor for SME’s
Using VAT4U we are now able to insource our VAT refund process. We gained visibility on our VAT refund positions across with their live VAT dashboards.
P. Walberg Tax Manager in the automotive sector
VAT4U has managed to make the recovery of VAT on our foreign travel expenses feasible for the first time with an easy to use tool.
J. Hermann Tax Manager in the pharmaceutical industry