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VAT4U provides the most advanced technology to maximize your VAT recovery internationally. VAT4U embeds more than 2.000 VAT rules automating VAT recovery on travel expenses and supplier invoices.

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Plug VAT4U into your accounting process with a few clicks. Our connectors make data gathering efficient. VAT4U allows integrations with ERP or Travel Management software.



By processing each of your expenses utilising more than 2.000 VAT rules, VAT4U brings automation to your VAT calculations. VAT Claims are electronically submitted thanks to robotic technology.

Compliance with A. I.

Compliance with A.I.

Artificial intelligence is used to detect potential risks and strengthen your compliance. We endeavour to ensure our clients receive less queries from tax authorities and hence prevent rejections.


Refunds in no time

Our process is designed to get your VAT refunds in no time. When using VAT4U claim process time is reduced by a whopping 68% and we significantly reduce the time lost in managing extra information that may be required.

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  • VAT4U made VAT reclaim so easy and simple. Our internal process is now so much faster and the dashboard in the tool allows me to monitor everything I need to maximise our VAT refunds!
    Raj Shah

    Raj Shah

    President - Universal VAT Services Inc, USA

  • VAT4U brings added value to us, our platform and our clients by allowing them to reclaim their VAT, as well as managing their expenses in parallel with our solutions..

    Stephen Abela

    Director - On Point Ltd, Malta

  • VAT4U provided us with a smart and easy tool to allow our clients to manage their expenses both quickly and properly!
    Aki Fuchigam

    Aki Fuchigam

    Director & Account Manager - OPTI Inc, Japan

What makes us different

100% Cloud

100% cloud

Truly cloud, our system provides live access and hence control of your VAT recovery claims with full transparency.



You decide if you prefer to opt for the technology only or our fully managed service. And it really is fully flexible.

Global coverage

Global coverage

With teams established in more than 15 countries, VAT4U is capable of offering a truly global coverage.

VAT4U - more security and more expertise


We take security seriously

We’ve implemented the highest standards for data protection and compliance. Our GDPR compliant processes makes sure your data is managed in a safe way. Our servers are based in Germany and your VAT claims are managed locally by you and your internal teams or our dedicated teams.

VAT recovery experts VAT recovery experts

Real VAT recovery experts

VAT4U has been designed by VAT experts. We do more than just extract data from your invoices: we digitise the full VAT recovery process. We deliver premium VAT recovery support over and above the use of our technology. Our multilingual teams are setup to assist you across the globe in any aspect of VAT recovery.

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We believe
Combining Technology and VAT Recovery expertise is key to maximise your VAT refunds while strengthening compliance.
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Maximize VAT refunds!

Optimized processes, compliance and risk management.